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Duplex easily separated place, which has a beautiful view to all sides of the area, offers up to 250 seats and 400 seats for banquets. New interior based on natural materials fits into the whole character of the area and every guest will feel great enriched by spectacular views to the river Vltava and Žluté Lázně. 

International and in particular the original well prepared Italian cuisine in LA CAREZZA pizzeria–ristorante has already many supporters and other may enjoy in our area. PIZZA, the authentic Italian pizza from the best dough. In summer so popular light and imaginative SALADS. PASTA, daily fresh, homemade. MEATS and FISH, according to the right Italian recipes. MASCARPONE and TIRAMISU and more famous Italian desserts.

Pleasure seatings and good taste in LA CAREZZA pizzeria-ristorante.

LA CAREZZA means CARESS in Italian

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